About us

The house is located in a stone historic center of Betina below St. Francis Church.
After a short walk from the Church of St. Francis of the sea … in the broadest Betina stone alley will welcome you with stone gates and the smell of the sea, the Mediterranean, nostalgia, … experience of the Adriatic as it once was!
The house has 5 types of suites (MANTOVA apartment on the floor with a terrace overlooking the sea, VOLT and Walter apartments with 2 bedrooms, VICI apartment with roof terrace and VINCI studio apartments. All are decorated in traditional Mediterranean style, with stone walls, wooden parquet flooring and windows with shutters Dalmatian … stairs and terraces from which enter the apartment.
Distance to the sea is 60 meters. Along the coast, there are small stone and concrete beach. The closest is at 60 meters, and a little higher at 250 meters, the town beach is 600 meters. With all the coast of the island Murter outside of the village there are idyllic rocky and sandy beaches and beaches under the pines.
Center with post office, market, bus station, shops, restaurants and cafes is 150-200 meters. And the closest elite restaurant seafood delicacies at 80 meters. If you choose to drink coffee in the BETA you will need only 6 kunas.

In recent years, Dalmatia is the TOP tourist destination, both for quiet family vacation, and for an active holiday on the Dalmatian coast and islands of the Dalmatian Adriatic, among the most popular are just small traditional stone houses.

Wondering what are the reasons for the popularity of the Dalmatian Adriatic?
Here you will discover a part and the second part we will discover together in the same destination:

  • the diversity of natural and cultural values ​​of Dalmatia
  • preservation and protection of natural values ​​of Dalmatia
  • rich historical and cultural heritage and the interesting history of Dalmatia, with more interesting traditions and customs
  • good geographic position, Mediterranean climate, an abundance of national parks
  • more than 1000 incredibly beautiful islands with the most numerous Kornati
  • more than 800 beaches meet the strictest quality requirements, and some on Murter
  • except clean sea coastal and island areas is the biological and landscape distinctive
  • diversity of plant and animal species, with a high number of endemic species
  • generally unpolluted area, a paradise for the senses, Mediterranean climate
  • Dalmatians – warm, open and generous people
  • diverse, healthy cuisine and traditions, as well as in wine